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Volaro Series 4 & 4X Full Body Patient Lift - (Floor Lifter)

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Battery-powered Volaro full-body patient lifts allow safe, smooth transfer from bed to wheelchair, or wheelchair to commode or even from the floor.

10 Year Warranty - Durable Construction

 Features: Volaro Series 4 & 4X Patient Lift                                                                                         

•   Non-Arcing Beam

provides high lifting capability with comfort and safety

•   Digital Scale Option

saves time; adds convenience

•   Removable Battery Pack

assures that lift is always charged. Long life/heavyduty

•   Control Switches

thumb controls or remote control allow user-friendly maneuverability and control

•   Safety Retention Clips

provide extra safety even if slack occurs

•   Safety Padding

protects the resident, prevents skin tears. Easy-clean vinyl

•   Sling Bag Holders

provides convenient storage for extra slings and gloves

•   Compact - Adjustable Base

permits easy movement around objects even in small bathrooms

•   Low Battery Indicator

signals visually when battery is low

 Specifications: Series 4 & 4X Patient Lift                                                                                        

Series 4

 Series 4X

Weight Capacity:



Width (Base Closed / Open):

25 / 39.5 in.

 30 / 44.5 in.

Lifting Height:

Floor/ 43 in.

 Floor/ 43 in.

Overall Length:

51.75 in.

 51.75 in.

Wheel Base Height w/2" Casters:

3.4 in.

 3.4 in.

Wheel Base Height w/3" Casters:

4.5 in.

 4.5 in.

Wheel Base Height w/4" Casters:

5.6 in.

 5.6 in.


12VDC 14 Amp Hr.

 12VDC 14 Amp Hr.


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